Sacred Emergence is an ongoing journey of conscious dreaming and birthing soul into being. The purpose is to interact with divine imagination and support the evolution of humanity and the alignment of the world soul Gaia Sophia.


To enchant and inspire creative visionary potential. To spark creative interaction, connection and conversation related to art, poetry, song, stories, myth, dreams and everything in between. Through our imagination we will regain our lost opportunity, our sanity and remember who we truly are…opening to what was lost so long ago…because, not one of us has the solution but together we do....Collaboration!


Evolving out of the void, inspired by creation and the cosmos my work expresses the relationship between Spirit and Nature. Cyclical rhythms such as the inner and outer seasons are explored within the context of dreams, myth and symbolism to inform an exploration of personal psychology, the collective unconscious and the language of light. The journey of the soul becoming human and the alchemical union between feminine and masculine consciousness guide my creative practice. As an artist I focus on the circle as a living symbol and container of essence allowing the invisible to express itself naturally through symbols, patterns, and colors revealing energy in motion which can be described as visionary art.

Gina is an author, mystic, artist and visionary who focuses on the restoration of truth, love, sovereignty and creative expression into the collective dream of humanity. She holds a Master’s in Metaphysical Science and has worked as a trauma counselor and advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. She walks the beauty way and is a pioneer of evolutionary consciousness. She currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her beloved and familiar where she continues to be awe-inspired by the spirits of the stars and the lands.

Gina Orlando

My Initiation

It was a long, dark, cold night as I began my descent into the underworld. A path few choose to travel, a path I must if I wish to retrieve a part of my soul that has been lost. As I canoe down the murky river I encounter some fellow travelers who are overcome by fear and start to desperately paddle back upstream.

I take a deep breath and manage to navigate around them. I muster up enough strength to get to dry land where I encounter a huge black snake. She raises her face to meet mine and hisses, “Conquer the suffering so you can heal. You are a Guardian of the Earth and your healing accounts for billions.” So how do I heal, I ask? “Well, my child, through patience, love and kindness just like you would give to any other being. Find your voice and you will find your grace.”

As I glance back at the snake I see her begin spiraling into a double helix. Then with a burst of light she is transformed into the sacred bird the Ancient Phoenix. This majestic bird appears to be holding a gift of some sort, a small tightly wrapped package nestled inside a large gold ribbon. As she extends her claw for me to receive this gift I feel my stomach begin to rumble and an intense purge coming on.

I kneel down to the ground and begin to cough up a thick slime which seems to taste like tomato and basil. Immediately, my mind is flooded with memories from childhood. In sheer amazement I shout, “there, there it is, my voice hidden deep within my gut in the root of my origin.”

I let out a whistle to Firefly, my special winged friend an all white beauty, strong as a horse and light as a feather. She arrives just in time to whisk me away on a magical adventure...

I realize now this journey was an initiation into taking responsibility for myself and not falling victim to the shadows of death. In the shadows, in the darkness is where we find our gift, the key to healing the true part of Self we keep hidden away for fear of losing ourself.
Only when we risk the loss of ourself can we actually find ourself and create wholeness.

To be whole is to be Holy. We are souls learning how to develop a relationship with our bodies aspiring to be human. We have to learn how to be nothing before we can be something... We are the medicine, life is the ritual. It is in our absence that something is born...we are the creators of our dream. How can we be here when we are there? Listen. Feel. Be. Presence... Light. There is light in the darkness. Re-member truth.

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