We will explore your personal dreams so that you may gain insight and healing from the symbols and wisdom of your soul.


Oracle Readings

I will utilize a combination of intuitive techniques to help you gain insight and clarity in regards to a specific question or an area of challenge in your life.


Astrology Readings

We will focus on your unique birth chart story and mythic journey. I will share with you insight as to why you are here including wound healing and soul calling.



As we walk this spiral path, we give birth to a new way of being. Like childbirth it is a process of transformation that we must do for ourself and that is so much easier with a loving guide. Toward the end of every pregnancy there are labor pains. We can not avoid the inevitable. This is how the body informs womb-man that it is time…the gift of life, creation is coming. Soul birth is no different. As the heart begins to crown the pain becomes more intense until the soul is ready to burst free into creative song. This is the miracle of life. The birth of the soul is a precious moment in one’s life. Care of the soul is needed here in order to support this delicate process. In ancient traditions the tribe or community would gather in ceremony for healing, guidance and transformation. My intention is to create and hold a container where you will have the freedom to explore the depths of your soul, find your unique medicine and discover how you can seed your transmission into the collective dream of humanity.


I specialize in working with creative souls who find themselves challenged, gifted or awakened by the spectrum of the human experience. Those who are drawn to work with me often desire compassionate support, deep listening and clarification. I offer a range of modalities to assist with emotional and psychosomatic healing, personal transformation and consciousness evolution.


Sessions can be scheduled for 60 or 90 minutes
Hourly rates
$100/60 minutes
$140/90 minutes

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