Galactic Herstory...

Tales of a Warrior Born by the Light

By: Gina Orlando


Artwork from Book
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The Fall...
The Rise...
The Becoming...
May We Meet Again

Artwork from Book

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Galactic Herstory...Tales of a Warrior Born by the Light is a mythic tale of one soul’s voyage of becoming...It is a tale of our collective families journey through time across the ages... our fall, our rise and our becoming a truly humane star species. It is a tale of remembering our ancient roots and galactic heritage, remembering who we are and what we are made of and our ultimate return to love.

It is said that in every age since the Dawn of Creation there have been angels and demons that have helped guide humanity to their doom or bloom. Our present age happens to be a time of reconciliation, a time when we would finally face our fears, settle our differences and integrate our knowledge and wisdom from eons past. The human vessels are the transformers of these sacred teachings, alchemizing lead into gold, pure crystalline light.

You see we are an Ancient Family birthed from the Divine Sun and Moon. We are each a Son and Daughter of this Sacred Flame...Parents and Guardians of Creation. This story is a fierce tale of the collision of these two forces and the birth of something new completely unimaginable... Freedom, we transcend fear and liberate the mind. You see we are each born out of love and then we return to love in our own way and time but some of us forget, we lose hope along the way so we need reminders from those that still remember the way forward.

This tale is about re-membering who we are and what we are made of. It’s not easy and it’s not always pretty but we persevere...Heroes of Night, Warriors of Light we sound the way forward. We return one by one into the Collective Force of Source sharing tales of our travels and woes, healing through the ripples of time becoming truly human, divinely crafted by the sign of faith. These writings are messages from the Divine transcribed through the unique lens of my human experience.

I believe this is a gift that we all share...the art of storytelling, making sense of the senseless through our art, music, dance, And so this is a living is our story. The Love Story of Creation...we sing it, dream it, feel it together.