Mending the Sacred Hoop

mending the sacred hoop
Over the bridge and through the woods off to grandmother’s house we go. Down the rabbit hole and off to wonderland off to loose our minds and find our SOUL…
When we allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable with another human being that’s when we are able to bond, that is where the healing happens and where the medicine is. The medicine is called Love. Freedom from mind control. We find love through our process of healing and that of another. Since we are all interconnected our healing journey’s are intimately connected as well. The illusion of fear is a strong hold on the mind and triggers a trauma response when we least expect it. When we respond with loving kindness we “crack the code” break the pattern of this time loop. We then move into a vibration of Love.

Our will is free and we have the power to choose when we are ready to move beyond. Beyond the pain and suffering of this vicious cycle. To bear witness to another’s pain and suffering is just as challenging but, we must honor their path with strength and compassion. Through our presence they receive. We can’t give any more and nothing less.

We all have our unique role to play. When we honor the gift of another we self-accept honoring our own divinity. This allows freedom of creative expression to flow in the ocean of our hearts. The power to create beauty in the world is a gift that we all share. This is the ripple effect of our heart’s song. We can hear the melody through the voice of nature. Even in the silence, it’s always there. The gentle hum of creation a mere projection of our song. To feel is love and to love is to be in harmony with our unique song. We honor Self and accept what truly is…LOVE!

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