Mythic Journey

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It all began with a dream, a vision for humanity. We are the realization of that dream. We are many authors and one book, many voices and one song. We are all here to save the world, we each have our own mythic journey which together unites with one epic. We are the heroes on a quest for truth. We slay the dragon, gather our lost parts and find the elixir to nourish our soul. We become the dragon...we re-member ourselves home.

We are each the sacred medicine holder of the wisdom of our temple body. We hold the key to rediscovering that which has been hidden from us long ago. Through soulful inquiry and embodied practice we can begin to heal core wounds and ancestral trauma that has kept us small and from embracing the truth of who we are. As we begin to recover these lost lands we reclaim our roots and our sense of belonging in the world. With a strong sense of self and embodied presence we then have the power to seed our dream into the collective dream of humanity and heal our beloved Mother Earth.

This is one soul’s mythic journey of becoming...truly human. It is a journey through the sacred portal of the otherworld. This is a magical kingdom where all life is animated. It is a place in between the mundane physical world and the Great Mystery beyond...I believe this is the realm of soul and dreams. It is timeless and spacious. Patterns of energy, color, shape, sound music to my ears. This is where dreams are made, songs are sung and creations are landed into the hearts and souls of those who dare to dream and manifest the imaginal into the mundane.

Could this be Sophia our Root Mother calling us home to our ancestors, the natural world before it became the aftermath of a tall world order? Just one day missed in nature and consumed by this virtual reality can be enough to drive anyone mad. Are we merely patients locked in a mental institution, an insane asylum patiently awaiting our great escape? Who are “they” to have power over us? Contain the authorities so we can set our souls free! Sing your song! When we make the return back to nature, back to our roots we remember who we are and why we are here. Love.

If you are on a path of soul or taking the plunge, the deep dive into the abyss to find your holy grail I offer 1:1 sessions. My work is rooted in Mysticism and Earth based practices honoring the natural rhythm of our being. I offer counsel and guidance to creative souls such as yourself seeking to harness their inner wisdom and true visionary potential. Together we can interact with divine imagination and support the evolution of humanity and the alignment of the world soul. Free 15-minute consultations are available for those feeling called. Connect at


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