The Book is Live!

She has arrived…Galactic Herstory Vol I…Tales of a Warrior Born by the Light is available Now! Order your copy today /

A Thought Provoking, Heart Activating, Inspiring book that takes readers on a mystical journey to explore infinite love, cosmic creation and the vast potential of the human experience.

It is a mythic tale of one soul’s voyage of becoming…It is a tale of our collective families journey through time across the ages… our fall, our rise and our becoming a truly humane star species. It is a tale of remembering our ancient roots and galactic heritage, remembering who we are and what we are made of and our ultimate return to love.

This is a book of poetry that reads like a narrative. It is timelessness in nature. It is separated into three sections: The Rise, The Fall and The Becoming. The Fall is about surrender, initiation, awakening to life, confrontation of the shadow and forgiveness. The Rise is about choices, initiating change, developing courage and finding the will power to step forward. The Becoming is about the return home, alchemical marriage, embodiment, acceptance and completion.

This tale is about re-membering who we are and what we are made of. It’s not easy and it’s not always pretty but we persevere…Heroes of Night, Warriors of Light we sound the way forward. We return one by one into the Collective Force of Source sharing tales of our travels and woes, healing through the ripples of time becoming truly human, divinely crafted by the sign of faith. And so, this is a living story…it is our story. The Love Story of Creation…we sing it, dream it, feel it together.

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