Hungry Ghosts

hungry ghosts

Are you listening… blood must have blood it is done. There is an uncontrollable thirst, hunger, longing, a need to feed…How will we feed on each other like zombies walking dead or on the planet destroying what little life there is left? Well, we are not the only ones. Mother Earth has needs too and she is thirsty, she is hungry, she is longing and is needing to feed. How does she quench her thirst, fill her hunger? The call must be answered…blood must have blood. It is in our aching bones, it is in our crawling flesh and tattered souls. The hurt is too deep, too distorted to even comprehend.

How can we go on if there is not resolve…within self.. humanity. Look what we’ve done, what we’ve become. We’ve hurt people, we’ve hurt ourselves, we’ve been humiliated, beaten and torn. The pain has been inflicted on the most intimate parts of Self where we hold our pleasure, joy, belonging, love, ecstasy. It has been so violated and for what? What lives on? Our bodies have been ripped and torn, our minds broken into shards. The illusion has failed us all…when we are knocked out of our center we are violated all over again. The calling back to Self, back to center must be rocked gently…it is a fragile state. What can we do? What can we do for our planet? We must hold our center. It is the only way.

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us as trespassers and lead us out of this temptation trap, mind control, bull crap and deliver our freedom from slavery. It’s been too long…we’ve been deprived. Fats will make us fat, what? We need fuel. Salt the mineral that binds us holds us together. Honey the natural nectar of life, elixir for the soul. We’ve got the cure. Hunters, gatherers sustain us. We are travelers from another dimension. How do we hold our ground…vital nutrients, nourishment from the Earth helps keep us strong, rooted like our ancestors. Feeling nourished, solid and complete not like uncontrollable monsters always wanting more. When will it be enough to feed your starving hearts you bastards?

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