Becoming the Crone


I am not sick, I am sensitive. I am fully ALIVE! Feeling the weight and intensity of it all. So, be patient with me. Excuse you for feeling uncomfortable with me. It’s ok I feel your pain. It will pass if you let it. If you hold on it will eat you ALIVE! We can be hero’s/heroine’s together. We are the same. How we share our medicine makes us unique. We all have much to learn from each other. The world can be chaotic but we can be safe by holding our center. So, we don’t live in fear and miss our experience, miss connection. Connection keeps us safe. Why do we fear what we need to keep us safe, to feel fully alive to thrive? Because of the parasite infestation into our paradise. A twisted way of being has us brainwashed. If we learn to connect we will be FREE. Our greatest ally is our body. We must develop a relationship with our body to share in this experience. Our body is our greatest teacher. It holds our secrets and our wisdom. When we feel safe in our body we don’t feel the weight of the world. It is still there but we are not consumed by it. We can bear witness and have compassion.

She broke me down and torn me apart piece by piece until I was nothing…Slowly piece by piece she began to weave me back together again into the woman I was always meant to become…a woman who has the love to heal, a woman who has the power to stand in truth and a woman who has the wisdom to make a difference in the world…suddenly I was pregnant with possibility…

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