The Calling

the calling

I felt myself being called out to the sea. It was an intense calling that I could not deny. I felt a deep longing...a yearning. Suddenly, I realized I was naked and felt some fear wash over me of feeling exposed...vulnerable. I got in my car and drove to the end of the world. I tried to find a parking space but couldn’t find a spot anywhere. It was as if I were in a maze...every time I arrived I was led out deeper and deeper by the sea. Bordering the sea were thick spiral vines resembling snakes. There were signs that read “sacred waters” and “these vines are sacred.” I tried to turn around again to find a parking car got stuck in the vines and water swelled up into the vines.I heard the waves thundering and heart was pounding. As I looked out to the sea I saw waves crashing and surfers getting thrown onto the rocky shores... slapped against the surface. I wanted to help but at the same time I was stuck.

Honoring the Call

Please sit down and shut the fudge up and please stand up and speak the fudge up! Yes, you all know who you are. Thank you for understanding. When we deny our gift we deny our very spark for life itself. Can you hear the gentle whisper calling you from deep within? Shhh... Listen... Hear your call. Respond with loving kindness. Embody the knowing you are. You are the light, the understanding we need to cultivate, to grow, to heal. Tend your inner garden. Mend your sacred hoop. Fend your power. Shine brightly, love deeply, live wholeheartedly. Be the gift and the medicine that you already are. We all need you!


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