From stardust to Earth we begin our descent into matter. Twirling in a symbiotic pool of fluid we engage in a sacred dance in the womb of our Mother where the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air are birthed into the alchemical being we call Self. We are small yet infinite beyond space and time. We are spirit, we are matter. We are wisdom, we are will. We are all and yet, we are nothing. We are love, pure innocent love. From Earth to stardust we begin again…

We all have two spirits that exist inside of us that are struggling to develop a relationship with each other. The longer and harder we try to keep them apart the more intense the struggle becomes, hence our suffering. These spirits are innocent like children and when we suffer it is their way of sending us a message. They cry out for our attention, for us to hear their pain and attend to their needs, our needs. We can not begin to feel at peace with ourselves until we acknowledge their presence. When we hear their voices, we allow ourselves to find our own voice and when we hear their pain, we can then acknowledge our feelings and remember that it is okay to feel. When we find our voice, we find our grace and when we acknowledge our feelings, we can then begin to heal our pain. When we heal ourselves, we heal the ancestral codes imprinted in our DNA. When we heal the ancestral codes, we heal our children and when we heal our children, we heal the Earth. This is how we create an involution of our soul, a revolution of our mind and ultimately an evolution as a human species. This is how we can transcend suffering and heal the world!

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