Reclaiming our Roots

reclaiming our roots

Set fire to fire. Let it be done. It is what it is. We are all here because we are part of the solution. It’s only when we think we are part of the problem that we become the problem. I remember, I am not afraid. I know who you are. You are me and I am you. We are the same, we were both wounded. It’s what we choose to do with our hurt that separates us. We all have the power to transform our hurt into love, not war. We must give our power back to the Earth if we are to co-exist. If you choose not we will banish you to where you came from. It is done. The tribe has spoken. Hail Kali Ma Great Mother Goddess! The power of love will always defeat the love of power. They are trying to seed their parasite into the dream. They can not. This paradise is ours…we dreamed it and we will sustain it. From Earth to Water, Water to Fire, Fire to Air. The Air, the Fire, the Ocean, the Earth, the Cosmos…these are all our allies. Yes, we are that powerful. We have joined forces. Ha Ha. Try again parasite. See you later alligator. Nice try trickster Ha Ha. Got your number and your game code. Delete!

I know I hold the key. You can not enter here. I am one of many. A Flame Keeper, a protector of sacred knowledge…wisdom. You may ask, how does one come to such high regard. It is that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for this sacred wisdom. I will not set fire to another just so I will not burn…I choose to burn. This passion is what separates us, but yet allows us to hold this sacred gift…to heal. We must heal if we are to have compassion for another human being. It is our birthright. We must go on. You can not destroy us. You will try to divide us, separate us with the very things we hold sacred. Well, I say to thee you have a choice…to stand with us or to die amongst us. It can not be both. There is no middle way here. Time is of the essence. You can choose to stay dammed in hell or you can choose to live to co-create the dream with us. I will not grieve your loss. You are one of many who has lost their way. If you can not find the power to make your return, we can do it for you.Because we are not afraid. We know who you are, we know who “they” are and we know who we are. We stand together. Love returns to the Earth. We heal. Life goes on. Game over. The End.

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