Returning to the Forest

returning to the forest

Our evolution as a human species is dependent upon a revolution into love. This is the solution to a convoluted system. Love is the solvent...

It is a miracle to be seeded into this creation. Our will is are strong if we made it through the birth canal but to continue to co-exist we must be in symbiotic relationship. Even in the cosmos in order to continue to create life there is an order of giving and receiving energy, a sacred dance...relationship. The dream is still alive but how can we thrive when our roots are perishing? The council has spoken. Pretty soon we will cease to exist. We need to open our eyes. When will we see the damage we’ve done to our beloved Earth planet? There is no room for blame...the shame game is over. We’ve all played our part and now, we need to own our part by taking responsibility.

The only way to heal is to hurt...feel. We must be willing to burn at the cross, stand our truth and ground, rise to the beat of our own drum. This is the revolution of our time. No more hiding... it is time. Hearts blazing, fire in our eyes. See the light, see the smoke in the shadows. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. This is how we live our dream. Keep creating, keep seeding love. Don’t let them tear you down. They can no longer defeat that which has already been defeated. Remember this. We hold the golden ticket and the key to our own destiny they are just too blind to see. We are the creators of our own reality. We must rise. We can do this!

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