The Starving Artist

the starving artist

We are part spirit and part matter. So we must attend to both needs. Just as the physical body needs to drink water and eat food, the soul also needs nourishment in order to survive and thrive. Imagination, inspiration and creativity feed the soul. We are creative beings, each a unique expression of the One creative source. We are each here to create life, to create beauty in the world. It is our natural desire and our birthright. What happens when our creative genius, life force, is blocked or misdirected? It turns on us...we turn on each other like hungry ghosts feeding the lie, the parasite infestation in our paradise. Unexpressed creativity turns to destruction...dis-ease, addiction, greed, manipulation, power, control...madness. It is projected outward onto the masses, our relations and humanity. It is a lie that spreads like a virus infecting the meek. This is not the truth we seek.

These are fragmented times we are living in and the paradox is there is so much beauty and yet so much pain. How do we hold both? I’m learning this through the art of comedy. Transforming the larger picture into something people can relate to. If they can relate they can feel it. We need people to feel so they can help carry some of the weight...heal. Voice matters, speaking the word so people can hear, take notice, feel into it. They are attracted to magnetism. Give them what they want to feel, whole and in return we feel a sense of unity even if it’s only for a moment. Moments matter. They add up, building a foundation, a collection of new memories to override the trauma response. We have to start somewhere. It all begins here...we are feeling into a New World with new hopes and dreams. This is not easy with no one to blame, no one holding us back. Now, to face the awkward self and deal with the ego chanting, “What if you fail? Who are you to achieve greatness?” But we persevere...we can no longer deny the calling. It is too strong, too loud. It awakens our sleep. If we choose not to create art, beauty, we are dead inside and dead outside as well. “Oh, my dear but what if you fly?” Do you believe?

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